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I know this is a shitty gif but I just love his hair!

DW Griffith Awards ‘89

I found this and I freaking love it

Look how illuminated his cheekbones are.

"I had gone down to Key West in 1987 to interview the whole Phoenix family who was down there since two of its children were filming a movie now long forgotten. It was called Russkies and Joaquin, who was still a chubby little boy, was in it when his name was still Leaf, not Joaquin. His sister Summer had a small part in it too. And Carole King was even in it - but that’s a whole other story. 
The real star of the family was then River and the two of us bonded during those four days I was down there. I also loved his mother. River was so sweet back then. So talented. So smart. Right before this photo he had pulled off his t-shirt and given it to me. “I want to give you the shirt off my back,” he said, smiling. I had this fedora from Paul Stuart on and gave it to him as a gift in return. And then gave him my black t-shirt to put on. I am thrilled to have just found this photo. I even teared up - for many reasons - when it fell into my hands just now from where I had forgotten I had stuck it inside this old Interview magazine. Thank you, universe.And, thank you, River for being so briefly and movingly in my life.” -  Kevin Sessums

River Phoenix in A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon, 1988